Our aim is to ensure every pupil is given full access to a PE Curriculum which will contribute to their physical, mental, social, moral and citizenship development.

The department works to develop pupils’ personal qualities such as pride in performance, self confidence, commitment, fairness and respect for other competitors and officials; duties and responsibilities.

Pupils develop their interpersonal skills by working together co-operatively in a wide range of sporting activities. Through these experiences they come to understand the positive benefits for their health of participating in physical activities.

We believe that this, coupled with the enjoyment they experience, encourages them to continue with a chosen activity long into adult life. All pupils experience competition through individual and team sports.

These include football, basketball, netball, rounders, cricket, dance, gymnastics and athletics. The school is affiliated to a large number of sporting associations and all pupils have the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular activities both after school and at weekends. The school has extensive playing fields and often several football and netball teams can be seen playing matches on Saturday mornings and after school.

In May the school was awarded the prestigious Sportsmark award by Sport England. To achieve the award schools need to meet a set of challenging targets, the focus of which is to include the provision of a well-balanced physical education programme; an out of school hours programme that offers all pupils access to a range of opportunities and sporting links with the local community to help pupils make links from school sport to sporting opportunities in their area.


This is included in the Physical Education curriculum for Year 7 and is available through activity clubs which include Orienteering and Development Challenge weekends. Again, these activities are always supervised by fully qualified and experienced staff.