Safeguarding & Wellbeing

"The leadership of safeguarding in the school is strong. Safeguarding arrangements and procedures operate properly and promptly." (Ofsted)

Safeguarding Advice and Guidance for Parents

Designated Safeguarding Lead Mr M Canham

Our school will prevent and respond to abuse and neglect by ensuring that the ethos and atmosphere of the school is conducive to a safe environment. Pupils and parents/carers will feel supported and able to report safeguarding concerns to any member of staff. Staff will feel they are supported by colleagues and the senior management team, including the governing body, and are able to report and seek advice and guidance on any safeguarding concerns, including those regarding colleagues or themselves.

We will protect children at risk of abuse of neglect by having procedures in place that reflect current legislation, guidance and best practice.

As part of our safeguarding ethos, we encourage children to respect the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. We will ensure that partisan political views are not promoted in the teaching of any subject in the school and where political issues are brought to the attention of the pupils, reasonably practicable steps will be taken to offer a balanced presentation of opposing views to pupils. We will ensure that reasonable steps are taken to ensure visitors to the school do not share messages with the school community which are contrary to our school ethos and beliefs.

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and, as such, this policy applies to all staff and volunteers working in the school. An allegation, disclosure or suspicion of abuse, or an expression of concern about abuse, could be made to any member of staff, not just those with a teaching or welfare-related role. Similarly, any member of staff may observe or suspect an incident of abuse.

Safeguarding Newsletters

Newsletter 2
Download Issue 2

- Online safety
- How much time online is too much?
- Key messages for parents
- Sexual harassment and sexual violence and peer abuse
- Mental health and well being

Newsletter 1
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- Child safety on Snapchat
- 4 steps to help your child use Snapchat safely
- What can I do about online bullying?
- What can I do if I think my child is being targeted by a gang?
- Online drugs information workshop

Local Authority Safeguarding Website

Suicide Prevention Support

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence and Peer Abuse

Sexual Violence and Harassment

Well Being

Well Being

At Woodchurch we care about your social education as well as your educational progress.


We are the first high school on the Wirral to be awarded the Well Being Kite mark because of our Well-Being Provision.

You will find:

  • A folder of Mindfulness activities
  • A folder with simple Well Being activities to work through
  • All about Ask WESS and Ask WESS Live
  • A sheet on how to cope with suicidal thoughts
  • Little Bubbles of affirmation to make you feel better
  • A checklist for your mental health – how are you doing?
  • A Safety Plan you can produce to help you if you are really down
  • Ten Tips for positive wellbeing!


IPW School Portal Statement
Wirral Kooth Information Sheet
Kooth Poster
Kooth Sign-Up
How to Cope with Suicidal Thoughts
Little Bubbles of Affirmation
Mental Health Checklist
Mindfulness Activities
Safety Plan
Ten Tips for Positive Well Being
Well Being Booklet
All About Ask WESS

We hope that these are useful for you. If you want paper copies of any of these, please ask your PPL/APPL or Mr Smith. Don't forget, we are here to help you!