Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A lot of parent's questions are answered here.

01. What happens if I get a detention?

If there is an issue, your teacher can keep you in detention during break or lunch. You can also be kept behind after school for a maximum of ten minutes. If a longer detention is issues, you will get 24 hours' notice to inform a parent/carer at home. We have Learning Mentors who will help you too.

02. Do I need a school bag and coat?

Yes, these are required in our school.

03. Who can I go to if I need help?

Any member of staff can help you. Your Form Tutor is the best person to help you as you will see him/her every day. If you can't find your Form Tutor, go and see your PPL/APPL who will help you. All members of staff will help you if there is a problem though.

04. What should I do if I have a problem or a worry?

Make sure you tell someone. There is nothing worse than having a worry because it won't go away unless you ask someone for help. Nothing is too small. Make sure you tell either your Form Tutor, PPL/APPL or any member of staff if you have a problem or a worry and we will help you. If you're too nervous, tell one of your friends and tell them to come and speak to someone. Make sure you speak up though and we will always try to help you. There is also a Worry Box and you can write down your problem on a piece of paper and post it in the box. You can email "Ask Wess" (our email support problem) for confidential help or go to "Ask Wess Live" (daily pupils' support by pupils.)

05. What happens if the bus is late?

Don't worry, we will email your form tutor and you won't get a late mark.

06. What happens if I get lost?

There are maps around the school and you have a map in your planner. But, all staff and all older pupils can help you out if you get lost. It normally takes about two weeks to find your way around. The building may seem big to you, and it is bigger than your Junior School, but you'll quickly find out how to get to different places.

07. What do I need to bring to school each day?

It's hard getting yourself organised sometimes, especially when you have a lot of things to bring into school and remember to do. A good tip is to pack your bag the night before. That way, when you wake up in the morning, you're not in a rush to get things ready, then you are more likely to forget something!

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Planner
  • Scientific Calculator
  • School Bag
  • Books for the day
  • Literacy Book
08. Can I bring my mobile phone to school?

Yes, but it must not be switched on when you are on the school grounds. If you need to contact home, ask your PPL or APPL and you can ring home. If one of your parents needs to contact you, they can ring school and a message will be passed to you.

09. Am I allowed fizzy drinks in school?

No, you are allowed water, flavoured water or still cordial.

10. What if I lose my tie?

Go and see your PPL, they have lots of spares. If there is any problem with your uniform, make sure that you go and see your PPL as soon as you come into school.

11. What if I need help with my homework?

There is a homework club twice a week with staff to help you, but you can stay every night after school and get help when you need it. Also, you won't get into trouble if you go to your teacher at least a day before the homework is due and ask for help. It may seem a bit daunting when you get homework, but help is there if you need it.

12. Will I get a locker?

Yes, all pupils can have a locker if they wish. No-one else will use the locker and it's just for you.

13. How short can I have my hair cut?

Hair may not be shaved to a number one (or less) length. You are not permitted lines shaved into your hair, or your eyebrows either. You may not dye your hair an unnatural colour either. Girls may not have undershaved hair.

14. Do you have assemblies?

You will have an assembly once per week. On that day you will meet your form in the Main Hall for your Act of Worship. The other days you will complete your Act of Worship with your form.

15. Can I got to the toilet in a lesson?

No. Pupils are to use the toilet during breaks and lunchtimes. Should you have a medical issue, a toilet pass can be arranged.

16. Do people get bullied or teased?

A lot of the stories you will have heard about coming to high school are not true, but sometimes people can be unkind. You must tell someone who will do their best to make it stop. Bullying is taking very seriously at Woodchurch. We believe all pupils have the right to be who they want to be without fear of prejudice.

17. How many lessons will I have in a day?

Each day there are five lessons. We have two different weeks: Week A and Week B. Your timetable is different for each week.