Pupil Premium / Catch-Up

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Pupil Premium / Catch-Up

School uses the pupil premium in line with its vision, 'Let your light so shine before all, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven' (Matthew 5:16) in order to narrow the gap for our disadvantaged pupils.

Equal Value and Equal Worth

The Government are not dictating how schools should spend this money, but are clear that schools will need to employ the strategies that they know will support their pupils to increase their attainment, and ‘narrow the gap’. Schools will be accountable for narrowing the gap, and school performance tables include new measures that show the attainment of pupils who receive the pupil premium compared with their peers.


  • Raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities to reach their potential
  • Supporting children and young people with parents in the regular armed forces

Please open the below links for further information on how Woodchurch High school have used our Pupil Premium allocations to ensure that it has a direct impact on the pupils that require it most.



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