The school works hard to inform parents of the progress being made by their children. We also inform them at an early stage if there is any cause for celebration or concern.

We regularly send out letters of commendation to our parents. These letters are in recognition of pupils’ extra hard work and achievements.

At intervals during the school year all parents are sent a copy of the “Woodchurch Newsletter”, a bulletin which gives news of the school. The active Parent Teacher Association holds regular meetings and activities including social events such as Plant Sales, Car Boot Sales and a Summer Fair.

In addition, the Headteacher writes to parents on a termly basis indicating any important items of news concerning the school. Many of our letters to parents have a reply slip. We take great care to ensure pupils return the reply slips so as to be sure parents have received our letters.

We encourage parents to contact school as a matter of urgency if they have any worries or questions. Obviously for organisational reasons, whenever possible, an appointment should be arranged with the appropriate Pupil Progress Leader. However, we will endeavour to see parents who attend without an appointment as we do not believe in allowing our parents to leave the school unhappy or dissatisfied.

There is an official complaints procedure, a copy of which can be collected from the school office.