The school continues to be good
  • Leaders have clear lines of responsibility and work well together across their specific areas of interest. You have established a culture of high aspirations and accountability, as a result of which pupils' outcomes are improving. The leadership of teaching is good. You and your senior leaders know where expertise lies within the staff and you provide regular training to develop teaching further. Pupils achieve well in a range of subjects, particularly in English, mathematics, geography, history, religious studies, computer science, art and design, and information and communication technology (ICT). Your leaders regularly seek external checks and validation and consequently leaders' predictions of pupils' outcomes are accurate.

    As a Church of England academy you have developed a distinctive ethos, rich in Christian values. You actively promote the spiritual development of pupils but also their social, moral and cultural development, so they are able to make appositive contribution to society. This approach and ethos is woven across the curriculum and it shapes the day-to-day lives of all pupils. Staff expects all pupils to work hard, and aim high; they provide a supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to strive and achieve their potential. The school has a unique family feel where everyone is highly valued and strong relationships are formed between staff and pupils.

    Pupils have a strong sense of belonging to the school and enjoy the challenge and opportunity to develop their leadership and make a difference for others.
Safeguarding is effective
  • The leadership of safeguarding in the school is strong. Safeguarding arrangements and procedures operate properly and promptly.

    Pupils are well informed about how to keep themselves safe and leasers have ensured that appropriate information is delivered through the curriculum.
Inspection findings
  • Pupils attainment is significantly above national averages in English, geography, history and religious education and above the national average in mathematics.
  • The percentage of pupils who gained five or more GCSE grade A* to grade C in English and mathematics was above national averages in 2015. The percentage of pupils gaining five or more GCSE grade A* to grade G has consistently been above national averages for three years.
  • Pupils' expected progress in English and mathematics was above national averages in 2015.
  • A spirit of inclusion pervades the school, characterised by harmony and respect.
  • Leaders ensure that assessments are rigorously and frequently implemented across the curriculum to establish the depth of pupil's understanding.
  • You have developed an effective careers education and guidance programme. The results in a high proportion of pupils successfully continuing education, training or employment after Year 11.
  • Pupils' behaviour and their attitudes to learning are good. Teachers consistently uphold the behaviour policy and this promotes an environment where pupils can enjoy learning.
  • Governors have a strong sense of commitment and are striving to further improve the quality of education available to pupils at the school.


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