Woodchurch High School – A Specialist Engineering College believes that:

  • All pupils should have full access to the curriculum
  • Specialist provision and an appropriate level of support should be available to meet individual needs
  • Pupils with Additional Needs are not the responsibility of one department, but of the entire staff
  • Early identification of pupils with Additional Needs is essential, beginning with Primary Transition

We believe all our pupils are of equal value and equal worth but some children will have special educational needs at some stage during their time at school. We are proud of the achievements of our pupils with Additional Needs.

Thorough and careful planning ensures a smooth transition from Primary School for all our pupils. Pupils with Additional Needs are identified and records detailing specific needs/problems are attached to their transfer documents. During their time at Woodchurch High School pupils’ needs continue to be identified using a range of diagnostic tests and by individual subject teachers. A referral system is then used and staff in the first instance will report their findings to their Head of Department. If required the Head of Department will forward the referral form to the Additional Needs Co-ordinator and Senior Management for discussion.

When appropriate, external support services and agencies are invited in to give help and support to both staff and pupils. All pupils’ progress is regularly monitored by a number of strategies designed to ensure all pupils reach their maximum potential. Small group tuition is provided in English and Maths during Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. The Parents of children with statements are invited in to discuss their child’s Annual Review and strategies for the future.


The school has a provision for pupils who have a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome. These pupils experience difficulties in social and communication skills. Our policy is for all our pupils to take part in mainstream lessons, if necessary with the assistance of Support Staff. However, timetables are designed to suit the needs of individuals and can include supported study sessions and small group social skills classes. If on occasions pupils find mainstream lessons difficult they are able to be withdrawn for further individual support and tuition.