Woodchurch High School would like to congratulate all pupils on their recent GCSE results. It was an incredibly successful year with many pupils achieving and exceeding their target grades. The pupils were the first cohort to be taught the new specifications in English and Maths and received grades ranging from 9-1. A total of 75.1% of pupils achieved a pass or better in English along with 66.3% of pupils doing the same in Maths. These results are extremely pleasing and underlines the school's motto of 'Established Excellence'. These results are all the more impressive, as Woodchurch High School is a mixed ability school catering for the whole ability range.

Headteacher Rebekah Phillips said, "I am so proud of the endurance shown by our pupils in these uncertain times in education. They have shown resolve, determination and character to achieve such amazing results. Their hard work both in lessons and at home, has resulted in some truly magnificent results. Well done to all our outgoing pupils and we wish them well for the future."

There were many notable performances, and all our pupils should be proud of their achievements. However, our top ten performing pupils were:

  • Megan Wilson
  • Renee Yan
  • Liv Finneran-Makin
  • Ben Williams
  • Amelia Pryce
  • Sophie Wilson
  • Megan Kay
  • Luke Hillan
  • Hannah Bendrey
  • Megan Gibson