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A successful year for pupils at Woodchurch High School, Church of England Academy, who have achieved excellent results once again. This only underlines the schools motto of ‘Established Excellence’. A total of 54.2% achieved five GCSE or equivalent including English and Maths. Our Year 11 pupils demonstrated a great deal of endurance throughout their final year and some overcame a lot of barriers, with some very commendable performances from a number of pupils. This will mean that they have opened doors to a very promising future in what ever they pursue.

There were many notable performances, and all our pupils should be rightly proud of their achievements. However, our top ten performing pupils were:

  • Elisha Duffy
  • Matthew Hassall
  • Charlotte Hutchison
  • Ellen Shakeshaft
  • Scott Henderson
  • Hannah Morris
  • Brandon Vickers
  • Georgia Wood
  • Alycia Barker
  • Hannah Chadwick

We would like to wish them all every success in the future.