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Yet another hugely successful year for pupils at Woodchurch High School, Church of England Academy, who have achieved excellent results once again. This only underlines the schools motto of ‘Established Excellence’. The school was particularly delighted to report a 5% increase in its 5 A*-C results, including English and Maths to 60%. This is all the more impressive with the new and revised, more rigorous, GCSE grading system. These results are all the more impressive, as Woodchurch is a mixed ability school catering for the whole ability range.

Headteacher Rebekah Phillips said, ‘Once again, I am so proud of the achievements of all our pupils, they have worked so hard and thoroughly deserve these tremendous results, which are down to their sheer hard work and commitment over the past five years. I wish all our Year 11 pupils every success in their chosen post-16 destination routes. I would also like to thank all the staff of the school, who were tireless in their efforts to develop and support all our pupils. This is a tremendous team effort!’

There were many notable performances, and all our pupils should be rightly proud of their achievements. However, our top ten performing pupils were:

  • Emily Wagstaff
  • William Davies
  • Emma Johnson
  • Katie Roberts
  • Rhiannon Mack
  • Jessica Bell
  • Angel Nelson
  • James Milligan
  • Georgia Smyth
  • Michael Bird