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Standards achieved by pupils are well above average compared with those in similar schools. This is due to excellent teaching and learning and exceptional standards of behaviour, as well as the importance pupils place upon their work as a whole.

We are very proud to be in the top 25% of schools nationally, according to FFT (Fischer Family Trust).

As a school, we have three lead teachers for Gifted and Talented pupils (the Government recommendation is one), as well as having a colleague working part-time for the Local Authority as an Advisory Teacher for G&T. These and other strategies ensure all pupils achieve their full potential.


  • 2009 - 5 A*-C = 60%
  • 2008 - 5 A*-C = 58%
  • 2007 - 5 A*-C = 58%
  • 2006 - 5 A*-C = 54%
  • 2005 - 5 A*-C = 50%

In addition to GCSE subjects, school also makes available a broader range of academic credit/ qualifications, including BTEC, ASDAN, and City & Guilds etc.