Thursday 17th October 2019


Mrs Crick’s year 7 English groups have been reading a book recently called Connor’s Eco Den. The book looked at different habitats; this led on to learning about animal habitats. The pupils were lucky to have a visit from our resident beekeeper Mrs Reevell who keeps 60 hives of bees on the Wirral. The groups were taught about the hives were honeybees live and all about the community in the hive, with the queen bee, worker bees (all female), and the drones the male bees.

Did you know that a female worker bee only lives for 4 weeks in the summer months as it works so hard its wings wear away? Whereas a queen bee lives for 4 years.

During the talk the pupils were able to see the protective equipment used when handling bees, taste the pollen, touch the wax and finally taste the runny and set honey.

The pupils really enjoyed the lesson, and asked lots of questions then went on to complete a workbook on what they had learnt.