Thursday 22nd August 2019


For the two weeks before half term,. Our Year 10 pupils undertook their two-week Work Experience placements. In total, almost 290 placements were found for our pupils, as some undertook more than one – staying with one employer for week 1, then going to another for week 2.

The feedback we have received on our pupils has once again been superb – indeed, our pupils are our greatest ambassadors! The positive comments, far too numerous to mention all, included statements such as:

  • ‘a credit to the school’
  • ‘it was an absolute pleasure having your pupils on placement with us’
  • ‘I only wish some of my staff displayed the level of initiative your pupils did’

School is extremely grateful to the employers who have supported this programme, we couldn’t have done it without you. We firmly believe the skills pupils learn whilst on their placements will equip them for adult working life and stand them in good stead for the future. Thanks especially to those employers who went the extra mile and provided our pupils with a first class learning experience.

When our pupils returned, they undertook some follow-up work, some of which was accredited by AQA, under the Unit Award Scheme.

Below is a summary of some of the feedback received from employers:

  1. Benn – Tranmere Rovers FC. He showed enthusiasm and motivation and was a credit to himself and Woodchurch High School
  2. Owen – McDonalds. A pleasant young man that was able to get on with the people around him
  3. Holly – Kirwans Solicitors. Excellent worker, reliable and hard working
  4. Hannah – 174 Law Solicitors. Excellent team member, a delight to have around
  5. Chloe – Diamonds. An excellent work experience pupil, who worked well as one of the team
  6. Kieran – 7 Waves Community Radio. Excellent worker, very committed, even stayed after working hours to help out, a very good team member
  7. Josh – McDonalds. A pleasure to work with, has been great when dealing with customers
  8. Tom – McDonalds. Shown a brilliant attitude and is keen to learn
  9. Nicole – Hayfield Special School. She is polite, confident and happy. She relates well to the children, both in class and through the school in general
  10. Connor – St. Michael’s & All Angels. Fantastic. Very co-operative. Excellent performance. Good relationships
  11. Daniel – Arrowe Park Hotel. Daniel’s ability to communicate with other staff has grown considerably during his time with us. Considered him to be a great member of our team and would have no hesitation in employing him in the future
  12. Aron – John Knight Glazing. Excellent ability to work with others
  13. Alicia – Kingfisher Day Nursery. Alicia has been an asset to the nursery during her placement. She has responded positively to instructions and has shown plenty of initiative
  14. Eleanor – St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. Has got on really well with the pupils, it has been a delight to have Eleanor in school
  15. Anna – St. Joseph’s Upton. Anna has a delightful personality, which has been refreshing for us all
  16. Hannah – Prenton Methodist Church Play Group. I have been delighted with Hannah this week – she has been a good team member, popular with both the children and staff
  17. Lewis – Greasby Post Office. Excellent customer service. Very willing in every aspect of the job. A very pleasant young man
  18. Robyn – Lyndale Special School. Robyn worked extremely hard as a team member, she was very eager and competent, and asked pertinent questions and acted upon advice. I would have her back in my classroom in an instant
  19. Stephen – Upton Library. Stephen has worked very hard, he has applied himself very well to the tasks given. He has a helpful and obliging manner
  20. Sam – C R Engineering. Sam has a good attitude and is self motivated. He is willing to get his hands dirty and have a go at the tasks set
  21. Ashlea – SOS Elite Ltd. She was very keen to please and eager to learn new things. I was very pleased and impressed with her PC skills
  22. Jack – Birkenhead School: The Prep. Jack should be highly commended for his ability to work sympathetically and patiently with children. His mature attitude has amazed us and we would have no qualms in having him back to help at any time in the future
  23. Jamie – Home Enhancements Ltd. He was a pleasure to work with
  24. Tom – Curley Music. Tom proved an excellent addition to the staff and worked extremely well whilst here
  25. Abby – Stanley Special School. Abby is a motivated student who demonstrates the ability to carry out a variety of tasks extremely effectively. She is able to use her own initiative and relates well to the staff and pupils she has worked with
  26. Chloe – St George’s Primary School. Chloe has been very professional and a real pleasure to work with
  27. Brogan – Little Robins Day Nursery. Brogan has been a wonderful, able student, though quiet, she has managed to interact with children and worked well with staff
  28. Alex – Huw Grey. Excellent and able to work unsupervised. A pleasure to work with
  29. Josh – Off Road Maters. Josh has been a pleasure to have around this week. He is always polite and helpful to our staff and customers alike. He has shown willingness to take part in all activities and impressed our instructors
  30. Luke – Fender Primary School. Luke has been a very hard worker. He shows initiative and has worked well with adults and children alike
  31. Laura – Building Blocks Nursery. Laura has shown an innate ability to work alongside others, her bubbly personality has been a hit with the children. She is a credit to her parents and your school
  32. Ryan – Fender Primary School. Ryan has a fantastic manner with the children. He has worked with enthusiasm alongside several members of staff. We have enjoyed having him
  33. Matty – Boots Bromborough. Matty worked really well and nothing was too much trouble for him. He is a very pleasant young man
  34. Daniel – Twelfth Man. Has been an excellent student
  35. Annie – Miss. Selfridge. Very well mannered and polite to customers, very willing to help
  36. Hannah – Salus Approved Inspectors. Hannah is a fantastic team player. She is very polite, helpful and eager to have a go at any task and will be an asset to any employer
  37. Amy – APH Reception. Excellent communication skills, had no problem mixing with a wide range of people
  38. Hannah – Essential Salon. Hannah was pleasure to have in the salon and has been told she will be contacted if any Saturday jobs become available