SPARKS - Liverpool Museum and Library Trip

SPARKS - Liverpool Museum and Library Trip

In February, just before the half term break, the year 7 SPARKS group enjoyed a fascinating trip to Liverpool to explore the World Museum and Central Library.

We set off from school and travelled by public transport, arriving around 10am and enjoyed visiting every floor, eating lunch in the picnic area and culminating in a much anticipated visit to the museum shop. Behaviour was impeccable.

We walked to the library and while there reflected on the value of visiting the library and what we may gain from such a trip. The pupils chose and read books in the discovery zone and visited the old library. We were very fortunate to be given a special ‘behind-the-scenes’ guided tour of some of the library's archives. Much to the delight of Finley Lamb we were shown photographs of World War 11 posters.

The book we are currently reading, ‘The Unforgotten Coat,’ features the main character becoming a ‘Good Guide’ and fortunately for us we had our very own ‘Good Guide,’ in Mr Kogh.

Comments and feedback from the day:

  • "This trip has inspired us to be creative over our choices of books. It is a wonderful place and it might be our only chance to come."
  • "The library is cool! It could be a theatre. The thing I didn't know before the trip, but now do, is that King John stopped taxes in this region during his reign."
  • "This trip will help with our English. The whole point of life is that we engage with new ideas. The most important thing I learned was that libraries are NOT boring!"
  • "The trip has helped us expand our imagination. Reading books expands our imagination. Today I found it difficult dealing with the bugs in the bug house, but managed to be resilient and enjoy the rest of the trip."
  • "The library was spacious and relaxing. I think it is a place to calm down after a hard day. Although little children were running around me, I was so enjoying my book I was able to block that out."
  • "Today, the thing I did well was finding new books I didn’t know existed."
  • "On entering the library - Now this is just my style."
  • "I really enjoyed hearing about the bullet holes, from World War 11, in the brick wall of the library. This initiated our guided tour."
  • "Another place - another world!"
  • "I enjoyed socialising and learning new things."
  • "I didn’t know there could be so many books."