Woodchurch is a Fairaware School

Woodchurch is a Fairaware School

Woodchurch High School has recently become a Fairaware School. The Fairaware Award is the first stage in becoming a Fairtrade School by finding out our School’s understanding of Fairtrade & the use of Fairtrade products in our daily lives.

The members of Year 9 Eco Committee met remotely during the enforced School to put together an engaging plan of activities for Fairtrade Fortnight and conducted whole school surveys & audits upon returning to School full time. Miss L Hughes (Eco Coordinator) is delighted with the pupils for working together and helping us achieve this award regardless of the challenging time we have faced this year.

We are developing a plan of action to not only accomplish the second Fairtrade Award (Fairactive) but create opportunities for our pupils to contribute to and volunteer for local campaigns/charities to emphasise how much the actions of an individual can make on global issues, it all starts with our Community and the one thing we all have in common is our Earth!

84 pupils participated in a survey to create a clear picture of our School’s understanding of Fairtrade. 83.3% of participants confirmed that they have used ethical products in their daily routine and 78.7% have raised money for & donated to charity of their own accordance.

During the enforced closure, a Tuckshop was organised and facilitated by some members of the Year 7 Eco Committee who attended School during Fairtrade Fortnight. The pupils ended the week feeling inspired by their actions and contribution and insist that becomes a regular role to support charities close to their heart.

All of the members of the Year 7 Eco Committee participated in a role playing activity to recognise the tough choices that many workers living in poverty have to face on a daily basis. In teams, they were tasked with budgeting their everyday living costs against a low income that was affected by gender discrimination additionally. They were presented with wildcards that provided light on their circumstances but with consequences.

It was delightful to witness our aspiring Eco Warriors making mature decisions in these tough choices and have no doubt that increasing Eco awareness in our pupils is in the hands of caring children as we strive to make a difference in our community.