Careers Advice and Support

Careers Advice and Support

Careers Advice and Support

Careers Advice and Support during the Enforced School Closure:

With the news that schools and colleges are now to close from Friday, we know that coronavirus makes this a hard and uncertain time for careers and teaching staff at schools/college across the UK.

Here on the Success at School team, we wanted to let you know that we are here to help you deliver careers support to students at this time.

We will adapt this support to the quickly changing circumstances, but with school shutdowns beginning tomorrow, we are planning to send you the following resources over the coming weeks:

  • Guidance and suggestions on how you can deliver careers advice remotely.
  • Worksheets and other resources you can share with students and parents.
  • Packages of careers content you can distribute to students.
  • To ensure young people access to the best advice we have made the electronic versions of all 18 of our Gatsby Subject Guides free for parents and students to access from home.

Gatsby Subject Guides

We also have a mailing list for parents and carers. If you haven't, now would be a good time to encourage parents to sign up for email updates.

Sign up via this link

If there is any other careers support that would help you, please let us know:


Success at School Team