Work Experience

Work Experience

Work Experience – February 2020

This year was perhaps once again, one of the most successful Work Experience schemes we have run to date.

As is the case every single year, there was much excellent feedback from employers about our pupils. Quite simply, there were so many good and positive things said, that to record them all would more than double the size of this report! It is true to say that by far our best ambassadors are our pupils:

In summary, some of the feedback we received included (NB, feedback is exactly as written on pupil feedback forms):

Ella – Debonair Dogs

Ella was a pleasure to have in the salon, she was polite, very good with the dogs and completed any task that was asked of her. Ella shows clear enthusiasm to want to work with animals, she has a good ability to work with others. I wish her lots of look and hope she continues her interest in wanting to work with animals.

Joshua – Aerocare Services

Josh was keen and motivated. He demonstrated a genuine interest in his work and asked questions related to the task in hand. He was polite at all times will all members of staff. We could see a positive development in Joshua's confidence throughout the week. His approach and attitude to work was excellent and he integrated well within the team. It was a pleasure to meet him.

Fay – Rubys Hairdressers

Faye used her initiative when it came to looking after clients, offering them tea, coffee and magazines. Faye is a brilliant girl, anything she tried she achieved with flying colours. She has really impressed me this week, if hairdressing is something she is interested in the future then I would be more than happy considering her for an apprenticeship.

Eva – Building Blocks Day Nursery

It has been a pleasure to have Eva on Work Experience, she is a credit to your school.

Lennon – Newlife Charity

Lennon has given 100% this week. He has asked questions about all tasks he was involved in and finished anything he was doing, he worked safely and very organised. I hope the week has shown him a taste of working life and given him an insight into retail, we all say "Thank You" for his help this week. Good luck for the future Lennon in whatever career path you follow.

Harry – SP Energy Networks

Harry has been a breath of fresh air, he is welcome back any time. He has maintained a professional approach and conducted himself as you would expect of any staff member

Ben – Repti-Lisious

We enjoyed the time we had Ben in the shop. He took on all the tasks presented to him and worked to a high standard. I am sure once he settles in to a job environment he will be a fantastic employee.

George – Geek Retreat

George has been an absolute pleasure to have for a placement. He has been a great addition to tour team. We will miss him next week. He has worked really hard and has really impressed us. Thank you George! A*

Megan – Merseyside Police

Never met a Work Experience student like Megan – excellent and has really shines on the experience. We would welcome her back in an instant.

George – Barnardo's

It has been a pleasure to have George complete his work experience with us. He was always polite and respectful and he is a credit to Woodchurch High School. We wish George all the best for the future and in completing his GCSE's.

Kian - Riverside Primary school

It has been an absolute pleasure having Kian back, as his old Year 5 teacher it was lovely to see how he's grown into such a confident and polite young man. Kian has thrown himself into work at school this week. He can come back anytime. The staff commented to say he was better than the trainee teachers!!

Ryan – Anchor Care Homes

Ryan was very motivated and interested in the work and willing to learn. He used his initiative and put his ideas forward and into practice. He was a pleasure to work with and showed a great interest in the work. His punctuality and attendance was excellent.

Billy – Tesco

Billy was a pleasure to have as a Work Experience colleague. Always polite and I witnessed him dealing with customers, answering any queries they had. Billy was always on time for work, and followed the correct procedures for signing in and out of the building. He worked well with others. Well done Billy!!!

Benjamin – Village News

Ben was always willing to work, rather than standing around doing nothing, he doesn't have to be asked he just gets on with it. Ben is a very nice boy, he was a great help in the shop, especially when he went to the wholesalers with my wife, he lifted all the heavy goods for her, and was a great help.

George – Leasowe Primary School

George was an absolute pleasure to have in class. He was able to work independently and use his initiative. He has been an asset this week and will be sorely missed.

Freya – Scantec

It was a pleasure having Freya in the team for the week. We would be happy to support / advise Freya in the future whether that be in relating to her studies/ subject choices or more Work Experience. Thank you Freya and well done.

Demi-Leigh – Christ Church Primary

Demi has presented herself professionally in smart and appropriate clothing for work in a school. It has been a pleasure to have her in the classroom. She is polite, helpful and has shown a genuine interest in tasks she has been given. She has acted professionally around the school .

Stephen – Benza Autos Ltd

Stephen showed an interest in all aspects of the role, he was keen to learn. His knowledge improved as the week went on, he become more enthused learning parts of vehicles. He is a good team member, willing to help others. It was a pleasure to have Stephen at Benza Autos. He is a polite individual with a keen eye for detail. We wish him luck in the future.

Sam – Holmwood Farm

Sam has shown he can work well on his own and has mixed well with other members of the Holwood Farm team. He has shown great enthusiasm and also considering the very cold and poor weather he has not complained at all. After spending time with Sam I feel that the work experience has proven useful for him to possibly decide his future career within the farming industry as he enjoyed working outside.

Liberty – Fender Primary School

Liberty is always on time and is very punctual, she stays behind at the end of the day to ask if anything needs doing for the next day. Liberty has become a valued member of the team, it has been a pleasure to have her in the class. She has become a great role model. Myself and the children will miss her.

Elliott – Subway

Elliott was very motivated while he was in store, he was always looking for a job to do. He had good customer service skills and was always smiling and greeting people. He also had great skills while using the till and was able to do this by himself only after a day of being shown.

Max – Organica

Max always showed amazing enthusiasm and interest in every task – no matter how small. He was constantly motivated throughout the week. He is extremely bright and showed great initiative. He came up with many great ideas throughout the placement. Max made an amazing addition to our team and will so extremely well in any career path he chooses. He is a lovely, enthusiastic and hardworking individual and we would be more than happy to have him back for more work experience.

Robin – Hi Impact

He worked very hard for the week and the team enjoyed having him in store. Robin was a pleasure to work and is a respectful and lovely person with a great enthusiasm for technology. Well done Robin, you should be so proud of what you have achieved this week. I have also received some really positive feedback from the guys you have been with. All the best for you and your future.

Abigail – Woodchurch High School Reprographics Department

Abi is a very bright girl, she is quick to learn and figure things out. Abi has a very pleasant manner about her and is hard working, quick and efficient. As it was a very busy week when Abi was on her work experience, her help was very much appreciated, she had to learn fast. Her broken leg did not deter her at all from working. I would welcome Abi back anytime for her to work with me in Reprographics. She will do well in whatever she chooses.

Mya – Hillside Primary

Mya has been a fabulous member of the Year one team this week. She has instantly formed brilliant relationships with the pupils. She assisted pupils with work, engaged with them in play and was always available to help with any job. She has been an asset to the school this week.

George – The Bike Shop

George was keen from the moment he started work, he was keen and eager to learn. He arrived early every day and would always make sure his work was completed before leaving. We would happily employ George if a position came up.

Ellie – Ducklings Day Nursery

Ellie is always willing to help out with the children and is very inquisitive asking questions. Ellie has a great attitude towards working life, always offering help where she can and the children loved playing with her.

Daniel – Oxton Engineering

Daniel is keen and willing to learn, he showed good initiative when learning how to do a job. He has worked with multiple tradesman throughout the week. He is a hard working young man and we wish him all the best.

Mollie – Hillside Primary

We have loved having Mollie working with us this week. She has been a brilliant help. Her punctuality and attendance was excellent as was her appearance.

Joseph – AJ Motors

Joseph has shown full interest in his placement. He has worked with all the mechanics and had experience on parts of the work he was able to compete. It has been a pleasure having him at our garage.

Charlie – Lloyds Pharmacy

Charlie is a very quiet young man with impeccable manners. His career choice of medicine would suit him very well. It was a pleasure working with Charlie this week, and we wish him every success in the future.

Maisy – Fender Primary School

Maisy has a very enthusiastic approach, good level of interest and always ready to help. She has shown a great ability to work with both staff and children. She has been a great asset in our classroom this week. She has been a credit to her school.

Megan – St Michaels & All Angels Primary

Megan has been an absolutely joy to have. She has been a great role model to all our beautiful children. She was very dedicated in every classroom. Megan has a lovely nature and talent for understanding and working with little ones. She became very popular. She has shown many skills especially working with our SEN children.

As is now customary, a number of pupils have also been offered either holiday or part-time employment as a result of their excellent progress. As ever, the many successes (including all of the above) only underlie the importance of Work Experience, in terms of developing within the pupils' skills for employability, as well as giving them the opportunity of learning about work, through work.

The references secured from Work Experience also feed in to pupil's post-16 reference for the chosen destination routes after leaving the school in Year 11.

The profile of the school as a whole has also benefited from the exemplary behaviour of our pupils, further developing and strengthening our links with the local community.

Well done Year 10 – we are very proud of you!