Ski Trip to Montafon in Austria

Ski Trip to Montafon in Austria

This year our annual ski trip enjoyed a number of firsts! We set off for the first time on a pre-Christmas visit to Montafon in Austria. We also flew for the first time, which all pupils and staff were very excited about, as we set off at a civilised 9 am on Friday 13th December from the Sports Hall to head to Luton Airport.

The coach journey was comfortable and efficient as was the hospitality at Luton airport and all pupils moved swiftly through into the departure lounge by 4 pm in plenty of time for our departure for Zürich.

Once again a smooth transition to the gate and onto our flight ensured all pupils had had a wonderful start to their journey.

Our arrival in Zürich, Switzerland was greeted with darkness and cold temperatures of around 4°C. We moved swiftly onto our coach and headed for our resort in Montafon.

It was a welcome site to arrive at our hotel (at midnight) and all pupils worked efficiently to ensure that they were situated in their rooms and settled all ready for our next day - ski preparation and our first sight of the slopes.

The four days of skiing was a tremendous experience for the pupils. The weather was really kind to us, with warm sun each day for the group, to enjoy our lunch and our journey to and from the slopes. Pupils worked hard from the outset to improve their technique and to be the best that they could be, with the obvious few laughable falls along the way. Our instructors worked really well with the pupils developing good working relationships and showing them how to master the mountains around Montafon. The evening's activities included a pizza night at a local restaurant and disco night. On both occasions local staff commented on how well the pupils conducted themselves.

All efforts on the piste paid off, as on the Wednesday the whole group tackled tricky blue slopes and joined all skiers in the resort on the main slopes. It was a tremendous experience, particularly for all our beginners; and it was wonderful to see that all pupils made it onto the slopes showing the progress that had been made throughout the week.

Again a civilised evening departure for Zürich airport help the smooth flow of pupils both to the airport and on from Luton. During the flight pupils again demonstrated what excellent ambassadors they were for Woodchurch, by being inquisitive to airline staff and passengers alike. Once we arrived back in England parents and carers eagerly awaited the reunion with children and it was a great time for both staff and families to celebrate what was a fantastic experience and achievement for all pupils over the six days.