Summer Activ8

Summer Activ8

On Wednesday 25th July, Thursday 26th July and Friday 27th July, Woodchurch high School held their annual ‘Activ8’ programme for year 6 pupils who will be attending Woodchurch next year.

92 pupils took part in a very successful 3 day programme, participating in such activities like PE, Art, English, Problem solving, Cooking, Science (on the farm), IT and computing. Mr Stead was incredibly impressed with the pupils positive attitude, creativity and the desire to work hard in their teams.

A particular highlight was the magnificent work produced in Art, cooking (yummy cakes) and IT (Story boards and comics), however the engagement in all the activities provided a fantastic platform for Year 7.

All pupils took the opportunity to make new friends, meet some of our fantastic teaching staff and get more familiar with the school building. The programme finished very positively, as we had a large number of parents and carers attend the celebration assembly. We are looking forward to seeing all the year 6 pupils start their Woodchurch journey in September and the achievements that they will make.

Congratulations to everyone that attended this year.