Power Over Periods

Power Over Periods

Supporting Homeless Women On The Streets!

Please help us today by leaving your donations with your Heads of Year or Reception.

We need;

Chocolate Bars

Hand sanitiser


Tampons & Pads

POP (Power Over Periods) is a fantastic project two of our year 10 students are currently running. Tia and Tia have been selected this year to be part of the AQA Unlocking Potential Programme (2 of only 50 students in the country). As part of this programme they are required to plan and deliver a Social Action Project of their choice to support people in the local area.

The girls have decided to support homeless women within the Birkenhead area and are looking to make a minimum of 50 care packages to drop off at the homeless shelter.

The packages are centred around feminine hygiene and will include:

Tampons/sanitary pads


A chocolate bar

A heat pack

A positive, uplifting message

We have already started to receive donations of these items from staff and students but would love to exceed our target and welcome any additional donations to support the girls in their project and ultimately local homeless women.

If you could possibly help in any small way by donating tampons/sanitary pads, wipes/sanitiser or some chocolate bars it would be very much appreciated. They can be passed to reception, handed to PPL's or passed to Miss Hurst within school.

Thank you in advance for your support.