Friday 23rd August 2019

Oakland's Trip

Last week a group of 27 Year 8&9 pupils challenged themselves both physically and mentally at the Oaklands outdoor centre, in Wales. They had the opportunity to take part in some fantastic and unique activities such as rock climbing, river rafting, and gorge walking. All pupils were pushed out of their comfort zones and loved the adrenaline rush that the activities offered.

Everyone embraced each opportunity and surprised themselves, with many growing in confidence and improving their self-esteem. Pupils also enjoyed an evening Snotubing in LLandudno. Pupils also demonstrated a greater understanding of our Christian value, trust, as they were required to take responsibility for the safety of others and for themselves, which led to them encouraging each other to succeed.

A great week was had by all, well done everybody! Mr Hulse, Miss Quigley and Mr Jones!