Well-Being Week

Well-Being Week

From 9h to the 34th October, it was Well-Being Week at Woodchurch.

Looking after your mind is just as important as looking after your body and pupils at Woodchurch learned the importance of this during Well-Being Week.

There were a variety of activities inside and outside of lessons to support this week and we had some outside visitors to school to support. Each break free badges were given out in school and pupils put on them anything that made them happy!

The link between Social Media and positive Well-Being is obvious and each day different pupils agreed to come off social media for a twenty four hour period. The feedback was that it was very hard, but they slept better at night!

Kayte Walsh from Esteem UK, Nick Buchanan from Mantaneo came in to do sessions around "Self Esteem & Resilience", "Coping With Anxiety & Stress" and "Maintaining Positive Relationships". The Brooke came in to lead sessions on "Managing Stress", "Bullying & Resilience" and "Healthy Relationships". One of our own counsellors delivered five sessions on "Healthy Eating and Well-Being" to pupils in each year group

The pressures on young people socially and academically are huge and at Woodchurch we tried to give pupils a greater understanding of how they can help themselves.