Barcelona Art Trip

Barcelona Art Trip

The Art department has just returned from the beautiful City of Barcelona, 27 pupils and 5 members of staff made their way to Barcelona for five days of Culture and sightseeing.

Day one started early at 4am!! The time didn t seem to dampen the pupil s spirits who were as energetic and excited as always. There were a number of first time fliers in the group who embraced the experience. Upon arrival pupils headed straight for Montjuic and the Olympic Stadium, whereby they could take in the incredible views of the City along with the Magic fountains. Pupils then headed back to the Urbany Hostel so they could settle in, unpack and enjoy their first meal on the outdoor terrace.

Day two saw us heading to Las Ramblas, it is the central most boulevard which cuts through the heart of the city centre and is a vibrant and lively promenade. Pupils wasted no time in buying souvenirs and gifts (using their Catalan phrases!) Along with the shops was the Mercat de la Boqueria which is a large and colourful market on the Ramblas, pupils were dazzled by the brilliance of colour from the fruits and vegetables in its stalls. Pupils then explored the Jewish Quarter and came across a quaint Artist s market so they could see firsthand the work of local artists. The next activity was the Picasso Museum and luckily for us we got in just before the rain hit! The gallery gave an opportunity for pupils to witness a comprehensive collection of early works done by Picasso when he was a teenager right through to his signature pieces from his later years.

Day three saw the pupils heading to Figueres, the home of the Artist Salvador Dali. The museum displays the single largest and most diverse collection of works by Salvador Dal , the core of which was from the artist's personal collection. In addition to Dal paintings from all decades of his career, there are Dal sculptures, 3-dimensional collages, and other curiosities from Dal 's imagination. This was the perfect opportunity for pupils to gather primary research for their GSCE controlled assessment. Lake Banyoles provided the perfect backdrop for lunch and enabled pupils to take time out to reflect on the trip so far. The Medieval City of Girona was next on the agenda, pupils enjoyed an ice cream in the glorious sunshine before climbing the 90 steps to explore the Cathedral of Girona.

Day four involved the pupils exploring the incredible architecture of Antoni Gaudi in Parc Guell. Pupils and staff climbed to one of Gaudi s monuments whereby the views of Barcelona were breathtaking. From there we moved to the famous Sagrada Familia, pupils were amazed by not only the scale of the basilica but how unusual and beautiful it was.

On the final night pupils were awarded certificates to celebrate their own achievements along with the nightly prizes linked to questions on the specific artists or places they had visited that day. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed their experience in Barcelona and have amazing memories to take away with them. A series of Art workshops will betake place for pupils to develop their controlled assessment preparations.