Friday 20th September 2019

Brook Bitesize

On Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 July the Brook, Kooth and Health Services in Schools ran a Relationship and Sex Education event for all of Year 9. Each pupil attended for a half day where they were in teams which rotated through a number of learning zones. Each zone was around a different topic and was very interactive with games and activities. The aim was to help pupils stay healthy and safe, and topics included risk taking behaviours, teenage pregnancy, contraception and sexually transmitted infections.

Pupils said the session was excellent and that they learned a lot. One said ’It was good. Very good. We want them to come back and do more sessions with us’.

The visitors commented on the excellent attitudes and behaviour of the pupils. One said: ‘I haven’t been here before. I am really impressed with your school and your pupils have been absolutely excellent’.