Engineering Careers

Engineering Careers

Recently, ten pupils studying Level 2 Engineering have taken part in residential visits focussed around engineering careers. In March, five pupils visited the University of Nottingham to explore a variety of engineering careers and completed workshops run by engineering professionals. In June, five pupils attended a Nuclear Marine Engineering Experience at the Royal Navy Headquarters, HMS Excellent in Portsmouth. All pupils enjoyed a rich experience, not least being able to stay aboard an ex-battleship, HMS Bristol, the flagship of the Falklands War.

The courses were provided by the Smallpeice Trust, a charity that aims to encourage young people to enter engineering careers. The charity was the lasting legacy of Dr Cosby Smallpeice, an English engineer involved in the design of precision and production lathes, and pneumatic tools and hoists. He set up the Smallpeice Trust in the 1960s.

All ten pupils were able to enjoy life outside of the classroom and meet other pupils from across the UK and Europe. The formal dinners organised for the visits were a particular highlight for our pupils.

The Smallpeice Trust and Royal Navy commented on the excellent behaviour of our pupils and how they have added a unique dimension to their courses over the last two years due to their sense of humour and personalities!