Friday 20th September 2019

Upton Grange Care Home

Ms Oldham s BTEC Health and Social Care classes are currently studying the life stages, most recently later adulthood which is from the age of 66 onwards. On Friday 16th June, the pupils in one of the groups visited Upton Grange in Upton. Upton Grange is a residential care home run by Anchor Group and it has been open for nine years. There are 51 customers, both men and women, all of whom have en-suite rooms.

While at Upton Grange, the pupils were given a guided tour by Deputy Manager Gill Thompson. They saw the lovely facilities including the dining room, lounge, quiet room, garden, kitchen and bedrooms. The girls then spent some time in the lounges with some of the customers. In one lounge, there was a quiz going on and in the other it was time for afternoon tea. Pupils also spoke with some of the staff, one of whom is an ex-pupil called Toni. They were impressed by the facilities, the caring relationships and the happy atmosphere.

This was a great opportunity to get first- hand experience of a care home, and we have invited Gill to bring some of the customers to our school to see the farm and have a cup of tea. We hope to be able to welcome them sometime soon.