Primary Secondary Festival

Primary Secondary Festival

The Art Department have recently held the annual ‘Primary Secondary Festival.’ Pupils from Fender Primary, Overchurch Junior, Woodchurch C of E, Prenton Primary and Foxfield schools have been working alongside our Art teachers and Art Ambassadors to celebrate Art and Design within the Curriculum. Pupils created their own personalised postage stamp that features their portrait and a mixture of mixed media printing techniques.

All postage stamps will feature in an exhibition in the Williamson Art Gallery.This is the first exhibition of the work within the Williamson Art Gallery and the work is also a response to Woodchurch High School’s Christian values and individual values of the Primary schools involved.

The exhibition will also feature current work from pupils in Years 7,8,and 9 at Woodchurch High School. Pupils work will feature photography, graphics,painting, drawing,printing techniques, mixed media and collage.

The exhibition will run from the 14th until 25th June.