Thursday 22nd August 2019


This year’s induction day on 7th July was hugely successful. Our biggest ever intake of 284 pupils thoroughly enjoyed sampling lessons, watching a drama production and touring the new school build. They left us very excited about the prospect of joining us in September in their new school.

We were also very encouraged by the superb attendance in the evening when the senior hall was packed with our new parents and carers. We look forward to our new partnership and relationship with them.

Already over 50 parents have attended a curriculum evening where they met with Maths, English, Humanities and Modern Foreign Language staff and learnt about the Year 7 curriculum in those areas. In the next academic year we will be continuing our programme of curriculum evenings for Year 7 parents so that they can “keep up with” their children.

For the first time we are allowing our new pupils to see the subjects they will be studying and meet our staff through the VLE. Simply click on the VLE symbol on the top left corner of this page and select ‘New Pupils’ to watch our introductory movies.