Rotary Youth Speaks

Rotary Youth Speaks

The Rotary Youth Speaks competition is a chance for pupils from different schools to come together and compete in a debate on a topic of their choice.

This was the third year we had teams, and this year we had a team from Year 8, 10 and 11. The Year 8 team, Georgia, Elle and Mia. They spoke about the topic, “Is politics still relevant today”.

The Year 10 Team, led by Jess, and supported by Chloe and Lucy. They discussed the topic “Are Arts important in the curriculum”.

The Year 11 Team, led by Mpho, with Abbie and Tom in the team discussed if 16 year olds should get the vote.

Each member of the team have a role. The chairperson’s job is to introduce everyone, and control the meeting, the speaker then has six minutes to perform a speech on their chosen topic, and the vote of thanks summarises the meeting and thanks everybody for listening.

This was a great experience which helped our pupils develop their pupil speaking skills, and we thank Rotary for the opportunity to be part of the competition.