Friday 20th September 2019

Inclusion Quality Award and Centre of Excellence for Inclusion

Earlier this term Woodchurch High School applied for the Inclusion Quality Award (IQM), a national award focusing on the ethos, policies and practices of schools for all of their pupils. In order to gain the award, schools must submit evidence which is assessed against eight criteria and undergo a thorough process of examination by a visiting assessor who challenges and verifies school practice.

Schools who are successful with their application are awarded the IQM with the opportunity to aspire to become a Centre of Excellence at a later stage, following further assessment and interrogation of information.

It was with great pleasure therefore that our school was awarded not only the Inclusion Quality Award but also for it to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence, based on its outstanding practice and achievement.

Written feedback following the assessors visit highlighted the following:

  • “Inclusion is central to the school’s vision and purpose and this sets the framework in which all work takes place in this warm and welcoming school”
  • “It was striking how well engaged students were in their learning. Behaviour was impeccable and there was an atmosphere of great calm”
  • “There is a very positive, happy atmosphere in the school and there is mutual respect between staff and pupils”
  • “Entitlement is a central theme” with “ a common sense of purpose amongst staff who have the students’ best interests at heart and work very hard to meet their diverse needs” and finally,
  • “The school shows exemplary practice in enacting its inclusive practice and ethos .. and is very careful to ensure all pupils feel they are valued. ..”

As a school we endeavour to meet the needs all of our pupils and provide them with opportunities to develop the skills whereby they can be challenged, have opportunities to flourish and succeed in their aspirations. This award not only recognises and endorses our inclusive practice but provides us with the ongoing framework to continue to improve.