Friday 20th September 2019

I m an Engineer, Get me out of Here

On Wednesday 9th November, twelve Year 9 and thirteen Year 11 Level 2 Engineering and GCSE Engineering pupils took part in the ‘I’m an Engineer, Get me out of Here’ funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Pupils were able to learn more about engineering careers, particularly in mechanical engineering.

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of Here! is an online event where pupils get to meet and interact with real engineers.

It’s an X Factor-style competition between the engineers, where pupils are the judges. Pupils submit questions which the engineers try to answer by the next day. Pupils then have live online MSN-style chats with the engineers, where they ask questions, learn more about the engineers, and let engineers know their opinions. It takes place online over a two week period. The pupils then vote to decide which engineer gets 500 to spend on engineering and science communication.

During the event young people use web technology they feel comfortable with, to ‘meet’ engineers. They ask questions and have live chats with engineers, and then vote for their favourite. The winning engineer will receive 500, to be used to communicate their work.

I’m an Engineer brings people together, gives young people a voice and teaches them about science and scientists in a fun, memorable and engaging way.

The pupils took part in a live web chat with a group of engineers based around the UK to find out more about them and their work. The pupils had a fantastic time speaking with the engineers and gained a real insight into their world of work and the routes they took to enter their roles. Our pupils particularly enjoyed speaking to Mark, a formula one engineer.