Friday 23rd August 2019

Eco Schools Roadshow

On Wednesday 12 October Woodchurch High School was delighted to host an Eco Schools Road Show. Over twenty staff came from across the North West to attend this very interesting and informative event which was organised by Anna Portsch from Eco Schools. After a short session by Anna showing the work of Eco Schools around the globe, there was a presentation entitled The Woodchurch Eco Schools Community. Ben and Hannah did the first part of this explaining how Eco is organised here and some of the recent campaigns and events. This was followed by presentations from Sue Dodds from Foxfield and Carol Perry from Ganneys Meadow Nursery School and Family Centre.

A tour round school followed including, of course, a visit to the farm. The visitors were extremely impressed and there was even a group photo with the alpacas. Other sessions that took place during the day included Thinking Spaces by Rob Bowden from Lifeworlds, the 7 steps to the Green Flag and environmental links to Eco Schools themes.

It was a lovely day and Ms Oldham and Ms Phillips received many compliments about the pupils and the school.