Thursday 22nd August 2019

Diversity Week

From 27th June to the 1th July, it was Diversity & Equality Week at Woodchurch High School! All week, there were a series of events designed to celebrate and promote the differences in our cultures as global citizens, but also as citizens within our school community.

During Collective Worship, each form agreed on their one wish for the future and added their desire to the Equality Tree that was in our entrance hall. Also there was our Heritage Map and we celebrated the diverse backgrounds of our pupils. Each pupil whose heritage was not from Britain put their name and country of descent on a post it note and added it to the map.

Year 8-10 pupils took part in a series of workshops on Stereotypes and Race, led by Kayte Walsh from Esteem UK. The sessions were designed to break down traditional stereotypes around sexuality and race.

Year 8-10 pupils also took part in a series of LGBT workshops, led by Liam Mason from Diversity Role Models. The sessions were around promoting tolerance and understanding about all areas of sexuality.

Other events in the week included the selling of rainbow ribbons to promote diversity, diversity poetry competitions in English, wheelchair and blind football in PE and three pupils volunteered to spend the day in wheelchairs to develop and understanding of some of the obstacles disabled pupils face.

The culmination of the week’s events was a debate in front of the whole of Year 7. A team of pupils from Years 7-10 were trained in the art of debating and debated the motion: “Woodchurch High School welcomes immigrants into our school”. Year 7 pupils witnessed the debate and then voted on whether they were for or against the motion. Year 7 voted overwhelmingly in favour of the motion.

Our pupils are compassionate and humble, and are accepting of all the differences that make up our school community. The week’s events were designed to develop these values and promote them on a global scale.