Friday 23rd August 2019

Year 9 Personal Health Event

On Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 July, every pupil in Year 9 attended a Personal Health event called Bitesize. This was run jointly by the Brook, Kooth and Health Services in Schools, and its aim was to increase pupils’ knowledge and understanding of sexual health and emotional wellbeing.

The session consisted of 7 different zones where pupils participated in interactive games that helped them learn about a range of issues. Zones had names such as Risky Business, Break Through, Sexcuses, STIdentify and Rubber relay.

As ever the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and learned a lot. Attention and focus was fantastic, and the presenters described them as ‘excellent and a real credit to the school’.

We are extremely grateful to the Brook and the other agencies involved for running such a high quality event for us every year.