Tuesday 16th July 2019

Year 9 Engineers Visit Royal Navy

Five Year 9 GCSE Engineering pupils took part in a four day residential at HMS Excellent, Portsmouth earlier this month to explore Nuclear Marine Engineering.

Leon, Jack, Lewis, Max, and Jack took part in many different activities over the course of the residential.

Pupils took part in an electronic engineering workshop where their soldering skills were put to the test. They took a tour around the HMS Excellent Engineering Workshops where they were able to speak to naval engineers.

The main part of the course was a design and make task run by Babcock who manufacture submarines, where pupils worked in teams of five with pupils from around the country. They needed to work as a team to produce a prototype of a nuclear waste removal vehicle on a budget. Leon’s team was the overall winner making the most successful prototype and making the most profit. He walked away with a robotics kit as prize.

As well as the workshops, pupils were able to experience many other aspects of working for the Royal Navy, including staying in bunks aboard HMS Bristol, an ex-destroyer turned training ship.

On the final evening, we enjoyed a three-course formal dinner in the Wardroom of HMS Excellent, a very official occasion. Pupils represented the school extremely well and were able to talk to pupils from other schools as well as engineering professionals.

Chief Mulvanna from the Royal Navy commented on our boys conduct on the course, he said our pupils were “a real credit to the school” and they brought a “breath of fresh air with their humility and sense of humour.”