Wednesday 18th September 2019

Wirral Vision Support Competition

In July 2015 the WSBPS hosted a BBQ with the Wirral Vision Support Team (part of the Sensory Service) to re-launch the Youth Section of the society, this provided an opportunity for Parent s, Carer s and young people to meet members of the team and other associated agencies in and informal and fun setting. It was an opportunity to consult with parents and carers on the forward development of the service.

It was also the ideal opportunity to host a competition to promote links between the team and WUTH s ophthalmology department as the majority of young people at the event are active service users of WUTH.

The aim of the completion was to encourage the young people at the event to design a poster to promote and advertise the link between the Wirral Vision Support Team and our paediatric Low Vision Aid service (magnification aids) at WUTH.

The two competition winners were Jack and Billy, both of whom happen to attend Woodchurch High School, they are in the photo with Peter Davies, Head of Sensory Service, Higher Level Teaching Assistant Cathy Gilroy and Victoria Smerdon head Orthoptist at WUTH who judged the competition.

The Vision Support Team support all children with a vision loss in Wirral, from 0-19 and have a strong working relationship with the ophthalmology team at WUTH with direct referrals and information sharing in both directions. Further information on the Sensory Service is available on the Wirral Local Offer website: