Wednesday 18th September 2019


This took place from Monday 29 February to Friday 11 March and was celebrated in various ways at Woodchurch High School. The school’s interest and commitment to Fairtrade exemplifies our Christian Values of justice, compassion, thankfulness and hope.

There were a number of assemblies about Fairtrade, some for whole year groups and another just for Eco Reps. The assemblies explained what Fairtrade is, why it is important and pupils learnt about the “Banana Split”. It showed how much of the cost of a 30p banana goes to shops, importers, shippers, plantation owners and banana growers. Pupils were shocked that only 1p actually goes to the growers. Fairtrade premium was also explained that this is the money from Fairtrade goods that is used to improve resources and facilites.

As well as assemblies, there was a sale of small Fairtrade gifts. These sold really well, and thanks go to Hannah, Ellesia and Sammy for being such great salespersons.

Our catering company was also keen to be involved in the fortnight. They sold Fairtrade drinks as well as delicious Fairtrade banana muffins and chocolate pancakes.

Next time you are shopping, please buy Fairtrade as it is a great way of improving education and health facilities not just for those involved in growing or making the products, but the whole community as well. A few pence out of our pockets can and does have a significant impact on the lives of people in developing countries.