Tuesday 16th July 2019

LED Lighting Visit

Year 11 GCSE Engineering pupils were lucky enough to visit ACDC, a major LED lighting manufacturer last week. Upon arrival we were greeted by Dan Hodgson, Design Director of acdc. Dan delivered a detailed presentation on LED technology, how it has evolved and how their company has developed in recent years. He also discussed the importance of modular design and how that can keep costs down for manufacturers.

Pupils were then driven to their nearby factory where they were able to see their products being assembled on a production line. As acdc is a medium sized business, it was small enough for pupils to see the entire design and manufacturing process from initial designs through to delivery. Mr P Jones from the Technology department worked as a designer at acdc several years ago and pupils were able to see one of the products he designed being manufactured and tested ready to be shipped to a large Apple store in London!

The visit will help pupils with their controlled assessments as they are currently designing and manufacturing a task lamp that contains LED technology.