Tuesday 16th July 2019

Age UK Visitor to Health and Social Care

On Thursday 14 January one of the Year 9 GCSE Health and Social Care classes was pleased to welcome Mr Ray Collings, Senior Manager for Community Support Services at Age UK Wirral. The class has recently been learning about the needs of individuals in later adulthood and how for some people this life stage can present a number of issues due to failing health, bereavement or loneliness.

Mr Collings explained about the increase in the elderly population on Wirral and across the country. He described the excellent work that Age UK Wirral does in terms of its wide range of activities, support and facilities, and he talked of how these activities can benefit individuals by giving them opportunities to stay healthy and happy as they get older.

The students found the talk very interesting and asked Mr Collings a lot of questions, both about the organisation and his own career.

Mr Collings is hoping to meet the Christian Values reps later in the term in the hope that school may be able to financially support Age UK Wirral in its valuable work.