Friday 23rd August 2019

Green Power

On Tuesday 12 January two engineers from Border Hydro came to service the school wind turbine, a job that was to take around five hours. Always keen to create learning opportunities for pupils, Ms Oldham asked the engineers if they would be able to talk to a group of pupils about the turbine and its maintenance. David Postlethwaite explained that it is a 6 kilowatt, Class 1 turbine with copper coils and a red box called an inverter that sends the electricity to the National Grid. He described how the blades turn to track the wind and said that, unlike the turbines in the Dee estuary, its design means it has no brakes, and the speed of the tips reaches 120 mph.

During the session Mr Jones s Year 9 Engineering group showed great interest and asked many excellent questions. Thanks to David for his fascinating talk; he is a great role model for our pupils.