Tuesday 16th July 2019

School Council

Back in September all forms from Year 7 to Year 11 elected two Form Reps to represent their forms. All form reps then attended an assembly about the main aspects of their role and why it is so important in terms of learning about becoming active citizens, democracy and British values. The role of the School Council was also explained and pupils were invited to apply to be on School Council. There were a pleasing number of applications and Ms Phillips, Ms Oldham and Pupil Progress Leaders had the difficult job of deciding who should be on the School Council.

Since their initial election and assembly the Form Reps and School Council reps have been doing a great job. There have been two half-termly School Council meetings and before them Form Councils and Year Councils. The reps have sought the views of their peers, have made notes on these and then fed back at a year group level. The School Council reps have then met with Ms Phillips, Ms Oldham and other relevant staff to report pupils' views.

The first topic was Options and Careers, and the second was Bullying. Discussions have been thoughtful and informative, and have helped to bring about a number of changes to what happens in school. For example, as a result of what was discussed abut bullying School Council will be preparing a pupil-friendly Anti-Bullying Statement, a 'worry box' will be set up and we are hoping to get a drama group in to assemblies in the New Year.