Friday 20th September 2019

Animal Care

This term we had the good fortune to have an ex pupil give a workshop on reptiles to year 9 animal care students. Dan (The Snake Man) was kind enough to incubate some of our snake eggs, two of which the year 9 s are going to raise over the next year and a half of their animal care lessons, feeding them, cleaning their homes, weighing them and measuring their length while watching them grow. It was a great opportunity for pupils to interact with other snakes that we don t have in the school such as, an albino Burmese Python, a reticulated python and a Mock Water Cobra, pupils learn to appreciate how we have to vary our husbandry routines when looking after animals at different ages. Of course they also get to handle a 10ft snake.

One of the baby snakes managed to escape over one weekend and we thought we had lost it forever and the group who were responsible for his up keep were very upset. Luckily after 2 weeks of worry we found him in the lab next door where he had been hiding behind a filing cabinet only coming out to get a warm around the leg of a radiator. He is now back in his vivarium fed and warm.

It is through workshops such as this that pupils become more engaged and show a real love of all the different areas of animal care that will be available if they wish to work with animals in the future or if they just have a love of animals.