Friday 20th September 2019

Health and Social Care Trip to Wirral Met

On the afternoon of Friday 6 November one of the Year 11 BTEC groups visited Wirral Met for some taster lessons to help them make career choices for next year. The first session was run by Cathy Grant and was about the importance hand washing for infection control. Pupils used a special glow lotion and piece of equipment that enabled them to see exactly where the bacteria were on their hands. This was quite shocking! They were then taught the correct way to wash their hands, checked again and thankfully there were less.

The next session was about child development. Pupils learned some of the ways children develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially, and then took part in an online quiz to see how much they knew.

The visit was a great opportunity for pupils to visit the college themselves, and experience the types of activities they would do if they chose to take Health and Social Care or Childcare at Wirral Met.