Thursday 17th October 2019

Selection Box

Last half term, Sadie from Year 10 discussed a vision to give advent calendars to children on Wirral who needed them through Wirral Foodbank.

We wanted to get on board with this project to help children local to us, and knowing that we were doing a project about the Hopes and Dreams tree for the Rotary District Conference we thought it would be a good opportunity to combine the two projects.

We made a tree which had various charity logos on it which we supported last year, and also some of the Rotary Interact Symbols from across the district.

Each form donated 50p towards a leaf, and as a form they wrote their hope or dream for the future on it. These were put up on the tree over a week in Autumn we had a tree which grew leaves!

Over the course of the week, many pupils also made donations and wrote their own personal hopes and dreams as well.

Thanks to staff, pupils and the Rotary Club who also contributed to our challenge we raised 120.00.

Royden Revolve Rotary Club were so impressed with Scott s and Sadie s speech and the work of our school in giving to charities that representatives from their club visited school and donated 51 Advent Calendars to us to pass on which they had fund raised for in their own fun evening the week before.

Wirral Foodbank requested that we donated them selection boxes as well as Advent Calendars.

Thanks to B&M Birkenhead, who also made a contribution to Sadie s cause we also donated 140 selection boxes giving a total of over 23kg of chocolate to the foodbank.

We are so pleased that so many organisations assisted us with this project to enable it to happen.

We d like to thank

  • Royden Revolve
  • Rotary District Conference
  • B&M Birkenhead
  • Staff and Pupils at school
  • Mrs Shelton (for creating the Hopes and Dreams tree)
  • Sadie for her vision