Friday 20th September 2019

Bearded Dragons

On Tuesday 13th October we were lucky enough to receive two new members to the reptile clan for our Animal Care lessons. A lovely lady Maria Dillon of Prenton kindly donated two baby bearded dragons, who we are hoping are a boy and a girl, it s hard to tell at this age. They are very lively and are keeping us on our toes already, as every time we open their vivarium it s like the great escape and they try and make a break for it. The pupils are excited and can t wait to start working with them; I expect there will be a long list to take them home for Christmas Break.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Maria on behalf of the school and a very happy group of pupils. We will keep you updated as they grow and let you know when our family grows again, as we are expecting baby corn snakes soon, to add to the three we already have. The bearded dragons don t have names yet but I m sure there will be a lot of input from the pupils on what they think they should be called.