Thursday 17th October 2019

Honey Extracting

The bees in our apiary have been hard at work all year making us some delicious honey. Unfortunately, they have been hampered by poor weather conditions, as have bees throughout the country, and the honey yield is considerably less than last year both for our bees and bees nationwide. Despite this Abbey and Nathan were both hard at work helping put what honey the bees did produce into jars ready for sale to staff.

Nathan and Abbey also lent a hand with the tricky process of removing the honey from the hives and getting it out of the frames and into the bucket. This is sticky operation and, as you can imagine, quite a dangerous one as the bees don't like giving up what they have worked hard to produce.

Don't worry to much for the bees though, they are given a sugar syrup substitute which is just as good for them as honey, but not as tasty to us. As you can see, the current batch of honey is sporting the new label designed by Elisha (Year 11); Elisha fought of some stiff competition last year to win herself a jar of the honey in a competition to design a new label for our jars, well done Elisha!