Friday 20th September 2019

Arts Showcase

The annual “Arts Showcase” was as successful as ever this year with pupils from Years 7 to 11 showing some of the work they have done in extra-curricular groups, and through their GCSE and BTEC courses. Themes for the dances included “War” and “9/11” and these were linked to a visit the pupils had made to New York. Musicians sang solos from musical shows, performed on a variety of different instruments and performed iconic songs like Bob Dylan’s “To make you feel my love” and “Use Somebody” by the Kings of Leon. As always the standards were exceptional and the parents and pupils who attended had another great evening at our school.

Act 1

  • Adele “To make you feel my love” performed pupils in Year 10 GCSE Music vocal soloist Olivia
  • Chloe “Popular” from Wicked
  • Performance piece “Human behaviour” Louise, Sophie, Hannah, Megan.
  • Olivia solo dance
  • “Greensleeves” trad. Cornet solo performed by Scott
  • “Rejection” choreographed by Broghan and Charlotte
  • Megan solo dance composition
  • “Crying Machine” by Stevie Vai performed by Matthew

Act 2

  • Year 7 and 8 dancers “LIPA” piece
  • “When I was yours” by Bruno Mars performed by Leyla
  • Dance “9/11” choreography by Olivia and Freya
  • “Budapest” by George Ezra performed by James
  • “Clown” by Emelie Sande performed by Olivia
  • “War” choreography by Olivia
  • Dance Year 10 performance piece featuring Broghan, Olivia, Charlotte and Freya
  • Ludovico Einaudi “Nuvole Bianche” performed by Michael
  • “Use somebody” by the Kings of Leon by the Nameless band, James, Zack, Matthew and Olivia

Our Musicians

Chloe, Michael, Leyla, Olivia, Matthew, James, Zack, Scott.

Our Dancers this evening: Broghan, Charlotte, Freya, Olivia, Sophie, Megan, Olivia, Louise, Hannah,, Kaitlan, Sophie, Emily, Grace, Olivia, Molly, Lucy, Millie, Amy, Ellie, Emily, Jessica, Sophie, Lauren, Emma, Katie, Mya, Caitlan, Ellie, Lauren, Keighley, Olivia, Megan, Courtney, Beth and Jade.


Many thanks to the PTA as always for their support in providing refreshments, and also to those who have contributed to the raffle prizes for this evening. We would also like to thank all those who have worked behind the scenes, particularly Mr J Clarke for the sound and lighting technical support, and also the front of house and premises team. Thanks also to teaching staff in the Music and Dance Departments for preparing the performers.