Thursday 17th October 2019

The Jaguar/Land Rover Trip

When we arrived at the enormous Jaguar Land rover plant we were given information about the cars that Jaguar Landrover are building and some of the new technology we could expect to be seeing. We heard about ghost sat navs, external bumper air bags, smart glass, voice control activations and ‘glass house’ cars. We went round in groups of 5, we received a health and safety talk and had to wear high vis jackets and earplugs! Our guide who had worked at the factory took us on a 2 mile tour!

The factory was massive and when we first walked in we were greeted to see tonnes of metal being off loaded from a giant truck. We learned it took 48 hours to convert this metal into finished cars. We also saw the incredible robots putting the main skeleton of the car together sparks were flying! We walked around the plant and it gave us the experience to see people just being relaxed and doing their jobs. The whole day was really good because it showed us what it might be like to work in a manufacturing or engineering environment. We got to see cars being manufactured and fitted- each car on the line was completely different and we got to see where each was going! We also got to see the Victoria Beckham car that had real gold on it!

Article by Charlotte