Thursday 22nd August 2019

Vanity Fair Workshop

On Friday 19th June, fifteen Year 9 girls were invited to take part in a workshop related to journalism. The session was delivered by Bridget Arsenault, writer and editor of the UK magazine, Vanity Fair. The first part of the morning seen Bridget introduce her career pathway, explaining how she graduated from school in Canada, completed a degree and masters in journalism and then move to London to start work for Vanity Fair. She went in to detail about the cities and places she visits such as Paris, Rome and New York. She told the girls who she has interviewed for the magazine such as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence and Tom Cruise. The Woodchurch High pupils found her story very interesting and wanted to know how they could potentially work for a magazine in the future.

The second part of the morning was more practical based. Bridget brought a number of different editions from the magazine for the pupils to browse through. The girls were extremely excited by the thought of working with such high profile people. Bridget invited the girls to find a subject they are interested in such as film, television or fashion and write an article using the same writing frame she does for the magazine. The pupils soon found themselves writing an article based upon their passion. The girls were totally inspired by the workshop and have requested the opportunity to create their own magazine for pupils in the school. Mr Joplin and Miss Griffiths will seek to find the right pupils to manage and edit the publication which will be extremely beneficial when pupils are applying for college and university places.