Wednesday 18th September 2019

Jodrell Bank Trip

Mrs McShane and I took 20 pupil premium learners to Jodrell Bank to for a brilliant day packed with fun science activities and engaging workshops. Firstly, pupils visited the interactive orrery to witness the mechanics of our solar system and appreciate the significance of our planet within it.

They completed tasks to explain day and night, seasons and the length of years on different planets. Afterwards, pupils completed a Mission To Mars challenge. They learnt about how rovers are sent to other planets to explore and the importance of getting expensive equipment their safely. In teams they designed their own shuttles to ensure that an egg could safely touchdown in the workshop.

The groups worked exceptionally well and all bar one prevented their egg from smashing!

Finally, we visited the planetarium were pupils were enthralled by the wonders of the night sky, learning about the positions of planets and stars within the universe. The day was topped off by exploring the grounds where pupils could look at the enormous telescope at the observatory and send secret messages using the whispering dishes.